About Tech-Knowledge


Founded in 1986, Tech-Knowledge represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of materials, equipment, and technical services for various industries, such as PCB fabrication, electronics ,metal, optics, solar' medical, metal finishing in Israel.

Tech-Knowledge has built its reputation upon its know-how, experience and professionalism, and above all, the quality of service it provides to its customers, which we are know for.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Tech-Knowledge, making sure each of its customers gets a personal and individual attention.

The sister company of Tech-Knowledge, Head-Tech Engineering, was founded in 1994, and represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment and materials for the electronics industry, especially for board assembly.

Working in tandem with Head-Tech has given Tech-Knowledge a broad base of knowledge and expertise that maximizes its ability to provide solid know-how and broad service to its wide-ranging customers.