Argon Masking - Types

 GREEN POWDER COATING – for  anodizing  green_powder_coating_tape_large
 POLYIMIDE POWDER COATING – for  High temperature wave soldering, circuit board production  polyimide_powder_coating_tape_large
 BLUE POWDER COATING -  for masking irregular shapes and around corners  blue_polyester_tape_large
 GC500 WHITE GLASS CLOTH - Thermal spray, sandblasting, high temperature galvanizing,  white_glass_cloth_tape_large
 RS100 HIGH-TACK RED PLATING -  Anodizing, plating  high_tack_red_plating_tape_large
 SC1 YELLOW ADHESIVE VINYL -  Plating, anodizing  yellow_adhesive_vinyl_tape_large
 PG21 -  Painting, wet spray  pg21_masking_tape_large
 INSPECTION ARROWS  polyimide_tape_big
 HT22 -  Painting, wet spray  ht22_masking_tape
 CPC400 -  for 2 tone powder coating operations &  Holds glass in place during glass tile operations  
 PC400 CLEAR LINER -   coating, anodizing used in Hand cut custom shapes for prototyping or small jobs  
 HT11 ON PAPER LINER - Painting, wet spray Hand used in cut custom shapes for prototyping or small jobs  
WSBT -  Ideal for Sand Blasting  white_sand_blasting_tape_large
 PC522 POLYIMIDE ON CLEAR LINER -  High temp powder coating, wave soldering, circuit board protection - UL Approved  
 CF200 COPPER FOIL TAPE -  Good Electrical Conductivity, Surface conductivity, shielding of electromagnetic waves and prevention of static charges