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Contronic Devices Inc. supplies the electronic industry withTemporary Solder Masks including Peelable, Water Soluble, Non-Ammoniated as well as specialized masks for Automated Dispensing Equipment.  We also have a large selection of other specialized items including Tapes, Wash-A-Spacers, Hand Lotion, Dispensers, Coating Dissolvers, Inspection Products, and more....

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PC FLEX MASK - 1030 Regular

A smooth latex rubber solder mask designed to protect thru-holes, gold fingers, and edge protectors during the wave solder operation. Peelable, Biodegradable, and Non-Hazardous. Green in color.

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NI - WSM - 95

A thick bodied, Non-Ionic Water Soluble Maskdesigned to be used in water recycling systems utilizing resin bed or ionic plate filtering systems.  This newer formulation washes away easily in warm water an will not clog or contaminate the filtering system.  Red in color .

Available in 8 oz. and Gallon containers.

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Wash-A-Spacers are designed to accurately lift components off the surface of the circuit board during wave soldering. After soldering, they simply wash away in the cleaning cycle.  Wash-A-Spacers are made of an unique blend of polymeric material and are available in a wide variety of shapes and thicknesses from .025 inches to .060 inches depending on the spacer design.