Argus International is a world leader in the design and manufacture of machinery for the processing of printed circuit boards. Widely recognized for its expertise in this field. It serves a well-defined market where it maintains a reputation for quality, engineering innovation, simplicity of design, and customer service. Argus was founded March 1, 1965 in Ringoes, New Jersey, USA. Several technical innovations led to the Argus fusing process, which then led to the development of hot air leveling machinery in the mid 1980s. In response to the evolving needs of its customers, Argus's present focus and leadership is in spray coating and drying technology. Argus is in a unique position to address the needs of both small and large shops. Argus always places customer needs first in designing and building timely and useful machinery that provides long-term productivity and efficiency gains.

Company’s Relevant Products as Categories:

Argus International offers a wide range of equipment to meet the needs of manufacturing printed circuits.

Their product lines include:

Lpi spray coating

Argus 9524 Spray System


Thin film coating