Arlon Materials for Electronics (MED) is a Division of Arlon LLC, now part of Rogers Corporation (  Arlon MED is a major manufacturer of specialty high performance laminate and prepreg materials for use in a wide variety of PCB (printed circuit board) applications. These applications typically require laminates with specialized electrical, thermal, mechanical, or other performance characteristic that exceed those of traditional standard FR-4 materials. Decades of experience with PTFE based microwave laminates and making Polyimide & Specialty Epoxy Laminates.

Arlon's facilities in California, Delaware and Suzhou, China employ state of the art production equipment, engineered to provide cost-effective, flexible manufacturing capacity to permit quick response to customer requirements while meeting the most stringent quality and tolerance demands.

Arlon MED is comprised of 2 product groups: Electronic Substrates and Microwave Materials.

Arlon Electronic Substrates specializes in thermoset resin technology including polyimide, high Tg multifunctional epoxy, and low loss thermoset laminate and prepreg systems. These resin systems are available on a variety of substrates including woven glass and non-woven aramid.

Arlon Microwave Materials specializes in fluoropolymers (i.e. PTFE), ceramic-filled fluoropolymers, and low loss ceramic hydrocarbon thermoset laminates that deliver the electrical performance needed in frequency-dependent circuit applications.

Company’s Relevant Products as Categories:

    • Copper-clad laminates with bonding plies, or prepregs, for production of multilayer printed circuits - made from fluoropolymers (i.e. PTFE), ceramic filled fluoropolymers, ceramic-filled hydrocarbon thermosets, and other materials that deliver the electrical performance needed in frequency-dependent circuit applications.
    • Electronic Substrates – Polyimides, Low Flows, Thermally conductive, Epoxy, MultiClad-HF, Surface Mount/HDI.
  • Microwave and RF Materials –
    • CLTE Series: Advanced, Temperature Stable Dielectric
    • TC Series: Thermally Conductive Microwave & RF Products
    • AD Series: Low Loss Dielectric for Commercial RF Applications
    • Higher Dk PTFE. (Dk 4.1 to 10.2).
    • DiClad Series: Traditional Low Loss Laminates.
    • CuClad Series: Cross-plied Woven PTFE/Fiberglass.
    • IsoClad Series: Non-woven for Conformal Antenna Designs.
    • Low-Loss Thermosets.
    • Bonding Plies, Prepregs.
    • MultiClad HF.

Arlon 11

Different Products Lines/Series (Title, expanded content, saved photo/s, link):

Electronic Substrates :

 Polyimides:  woven glass / polyimide laminate and prepreg materials for use where high temperature resistance is required for manufacturability, field repairability, or high temperature service environments. In addition, No-Flow prepregs are available for rigid flex applications. Leading materials:

  • Arlon 35N - Pure polyimide laminate and prepreg system for applications requiring high temperature performance. High Tg (250°C) results in low Z-direction expansion for resistance to PTH failure during PWB processing, and minimizes risk of latent PTH defects in-service.Typical Applications: • PCBs that are subjected to high temperatures during processing, such as lead-free soldering, HASL, IR Reflow • Applications with significant lifetimes at high temperatures, such as aircraft engine instrumentation, down hole drilling, under-hood automotive controls, burn-in boards, or industrial sensors
  • Arlon 85N - ultimate polyimide and laminate and prepreg system for PWB’s requiring resistance to high temperature, both in process and in end-use application. Bromine-free chemistry provides Best-in-Class thermal stability for applications with sustained high in-use temperatures as well as for use in lead-free soldering applications.
  • Polyimide with the best thermal performance, including Tg greater than 250°C, decomposition temperature >400°C, and T300>60 min. • Low Z-axis expansion of 1.2% between 50-260°C (vs. 2.5-4.0% for typical high-performance epoxies) offering superior PTH reliability through process and in-service

Low Flow: Arlon manufactures a range of Low-Flow prepregs designed for a variety of heat sink and rigid-flex bonding applications. The leading products:

  • Arlon 49N - Multifunctional Epoxy Low-Flow (Tg=170°C) – 49N is designed primarily for use in epoxy rigid-flex assemblies, and is available in both 106 and 1080 glass reinforcement styles with flow ranges to accommodate a range of process requirements.
  • Arlon 38N - 2nd Generation Modified Polyimide Low-Flow (Tg=200°C) – Designed with a significantly improved bond to untreated polyimide film, designed to offer robust rheological characteristics for a variety of rigid-flex designs utilizing adhesiveless flex products. 38N drops easily into a wide range of process conditions.

 Arlon 4

Thermally Conductive: ceramic-filled, woven glass / epoxy laminate and prepreg materials designed for multilayer PWBs and heatsink bonding with improved thermal conductivity over conventional FR-4 materials, yet processing like FR-4.

  • Arlon 92ML -ceramic filled thermally conductive multifunctional epoxy laminate and prepreg products provide a cost-effective, lead-free solder compatible, system with enhanced coefficient of thermal conductivity (Tc=2.0 W/m-K) for multilayer PWB application that require thermal management throughout the board.

Microwave and RF Materials:

CLTE Series - The CLTE series products are woven-glass / PTFE / microdispersed ceramic composite laminates. CLTE offers highest Dk (2.94) Stability vs. Temperature critical for Phase Sensitive Applications. Very Low CTE Values. Excellent dimensional stability; ideal for thin core, multi-layer boards; highest degree of embedded resistor consistency in the industry. High Performance Laminates for Avionics, Radars, EW, SIGINT, CNI (Communications, Navigation, Identification), and Phase Sensitive Filters.

  • CLTE-XT - has “Best-in-Class” Insertion Loss (S21) and Loss Tangent (0.0012). represents the eXtended Technology of the existing CLTE product line. CLTE-XT is a micro dispersed ceramic PTFE composite utilizing a woven fiberglass reinforcement to provide the highest degree of dimensional stability, critical in multi-layer designs. CLTE-XT has Low CTExyz and Very Low TCEr for applications that require Electrical Phase Stability, DK Stability, and Mechanical Stability well over a -55 to 150°C Operating Temperature.


DK/TEMPERATURE CURVE shows the unique thermal stability properties of CLTE-XT materials

  • CLTE-XT - has “Best


TC Series- High Thermal Conductivity, Temperature Phase Stable, Low CTE Laminates. Excellent for Heat Dissipation, reduces Junction Temperatures, improves device and solder joint reliability. Excellent for Power Amplifiers and Antennas Sensitive to Dielectric Constant changes with Temperature.

  • TC350 - “Best in Class” Thermal Conductivity (1.0 W/mK) and Dielectric Constant Stability across Wide Temperatures (-9 ppm/ºC) • Very Low Loss Tangent provides Higher Amplifier or Antenna Efficiency. excellent Dielectric Constant Stability across a wide temperature range.
  • TC600 - woven fiberglass reinforced, ceramic filled, PTFE-based. TC600 is designed to provide enhanced heat-transfer through “Best-In-Class” thermal conductivity, while reducing dielectric loss and insertion loss. Lower losses result in higher Amplifier and Antenna Gains/Efficiencies. Mechanical robustness is also greatly improved for the 6.15 dielectric constant market.

Arlon 5 Arlon 6

98 MHz 1100 Watts CW 78% drain Efficiency

Arlon 7

THERMAL COMPARISON – thermal image of 25 mil laminate test circuit

AD Series: Low Loss Dielectric for Commercial RF Applications.  PTFE reinforced with Commercial Grade Glass (AD250 through AD320) - Range of Dk’s (2.5-3.2) and loss (0.0018 – 0.003). These are Arlon's low cost PTFE products that nonetheless retain the frequency stable dielectric properties of Teflon.

DiClad Series: Traditional Low Loss Laminates. DiClad Series - unidirectional woven fiberglass / PTFE laminates available in a range of Dk’s (2.17 to 2.6) and loss values (0.0009 to 0.0022). Lowest Loss Products.  DiClad laminates are frequently used in filter, coupler and low noise amplifier applications, where dielectric constant uniformity is critical. They are also used in power dividers and combiners, where low loss is important

CuClad Series: Cross-plied Woven PTFE/Fiberglass. Crossplied woven fiberglass / PTFE laminates available in a range of Dk’s (2.17 to 2.6) and loss values (0.0009 to 0.0022). Lowest loss products, but withcrossplying for isotropic electrical properties in-plane. The woven fiberglass reinforcement in CuClad products provides greater dimensional stability than non-woven fiberglass reinforced PTFE based laminates of similar di electric constants.

MultiClad HF: Multilayerable, lead-free solder compatible, halogen-free laminate and prepreg system for the manufacture of HF and microwave circuit boards. With a Dk of 3.7 and a loss of 0.004 at 10 GHz MultiClad is a cost effective solution for many high-speed digital and microwave applications.

Arlon 8

50 layer design with Arlon MultiClad HF - yielded over 60% reduction in Z-Axis Expansion for this design


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