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LHMT GmbH in Neuhausen near Pforzheim is a supplier of high tech special machines and industrial process automation with more than 10 years of experience. LHMT develop and produce scoring and flash cutting machines and customer-focussed automation solutions for the semiconductor industry. Our competence and know-how in special machine manufacturing enable us to integrate robot automation, image pocessing and handling of sensitive surfaces into complex automation processes.With LHMT machines our customers will stay way ahead on the market and expand their position.


With experience and know-how LHMT is on customers’ disposal from expert technical advise to very complex tasks as well. Our own design department is working with BS SOLIDWORKS. For commissioning of customer-specific developed and produced machines and equipment we offer perfect service. Also repair and maintenance of the Löhr+Herrmann machines are carried out by our skilled service people.



SCM412 - Flexible, automatic scoring machine system



MBM-Series - Flexible, manual or automatic multilayer flash cutting concept



ROBI-FLEX series - Flexible automation concept


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