M+B Plating Racks is a worldwide leading supplier of custom built plating racks for the Circuit Board industry. Serving the industry for over 25 years, M+B has built racking solutions for all chemical plating processes for the fabrication of PCB’s.

M+B has always aimed to build the highest quality plating racks for the PCB industry. Two of the most important factors to achieving our goals, are design and fabrication.  Every plating line is different, and therefore every racking system needs to be built to the line's specifications. Our design team works directly with our customers to come up with detailed designs and drawings to make sure the optimal rack is made for each specific plating tank.

On the manufacturing side, our employees are highly trained and all possess several years of experience in our industry. Attention to detail is critical when building our products, and this value is shared throughout all levels of our company.

Today, M+B is proud to sell racks around the globe including markets in North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.



M+B offers different rack solutions based on the specifications of each plating line.

Different variables include:

-    What metal is being plated?

-    What process is being used?

-    Automatic vs Manual plating line

-    Size of tank

-    Is electrical current needed?

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