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Posalux  is a major worldwide supplier of automatic machine tools for drilling and routing  of printed circuit boards and non-ferrous materials; electrical discharge machining of nozzles for diesel and gasoline injection nozzles and spinnerets; and faceting, engraving and milling in the watch and jewelry industry.

Their product categories include:

Different Products Lines/Series (Title, expanded content, saved photo/s, links):

Ultraspeed Division (Drilling and Routing):

In 1997, the UltraSpeed machine was introduced world wide and became a reference for PCB drilling and routing. The highest level in accuracy, productivity, reliability and flexibility are the characteristics which set off the UltraSpeed from the competition. These technological strengths led Posalux to their m-line of UltraSpeed machines for the machining of aluminum and non-ferrous materials. Through constant technological advancements, the UltraSpeed machine family is capable of answering the ever increasing requirements in the most diverse and most advanced application areas.

Advanced Technology:

  • Linear motors in all axes

  • Gantry–drive for the machine table (g-line)

  • Dynamic table

  • Spindles with high torque

  • Individual, digital spindle drives

From Prototype to Mass Production:

  • One machine series with 2 to 12 spindles

  • DUAL Concept = 2 Spindles per Station

Autonomy and Productivity:

  • CNC controlled Tool management

  • Tool loading while the machine is producing

  • Automation concepts for drilling and routing

Swiss Quality Strict controls during manufacturing and assembly of the UltraSpeed, with its final accuracy and performance test, guarantees the highest level of quality. These tests are conducted using special, high precision measuring machines. The machine is only released to the customer if the specified data is achieved.

Mono – The new flexible solution for PCB drilling and routing


6000 – g-line – The Highest Accuracy with Unbeatable Productivity

6000 – dynamic – The ideal solution for PCB drilling over an extensive tool diameter range


6000 – fastrout PCB routing without compromising http://www.posalux.net/ultraspeed/download/Fastrout.pdf

3600 – LZ – The compact and flexible solution

M-line – new reference for machining aluminum and non-ferrous materials

Automations – Productivity and Profitability

Other products and solutions – Special Functions and Customer Specific Solutions

Diamilor Division (Milling and Faceting):

Flexibility, precision, productivity

The machines for micro finishing Diamilor are:

  • Flexible: machining on indexes, watch plates, cases, dials and jewellery
  • Dedicated to: opening new perspectives by exceeding the limits of conventional machining installations.
  • Precise and productive: guaranty for an irreproachable visual aspect and a rapid return on investments

The finishing machines Diamilor can be personalized according to your requirements and specialties:

  • Positioning by camera (FCT-3000i)
  • Typographic software CAD-CAM
  • Automatic loading
  • For other requirements please contact us




Microfor Division (Micro Machining):

From batch to mass production

The Microfor technology, based on advanced scientific developments, has been created to provide industrial solutions to your individual needs. 

Designed for mass production:

  • High productivity
  • Automatic adjustment of process parameters
  • Automatic loading / unloading

 Based on advanced scientific development:

  • Specific micro EDM technology
  • Machining of any conducting material
  • Machining without burrs
  • Machining without mechanical forces
  • Rotation of the electrode during machining
  • User friendly multi-axes CNC

Depending on your needs, we design and manufacture specifics devices and solutions:

  • Clamping devices
  • Software
  • Loader
  • EDM parameters (technology support)
  • User interface options

HP4-EDM – Microfor HP4

The HP4 basis, designed for high volume production, is available with the EDM technology or high speed drilling spindles, depending on your request.


FP1-5CNC – High precision boring and milling machine

HP4-Hybrid-EDM – Microfor HP4 Hybrid EDM

Ultrasonic vibration assisted EDM: a real breakthrough for diesel injection.  Posalux developed a brand new ultrasonic system applied to the tool, coupled with standard EDM axis. This cross-process leads to an efficient and reliable solution to overcome the existing limits of the EDM technology. This innovative solution allows to reach new performances enabling higher productivity, dedicated to automotive injection parts, especially for diesel nozzles.

HP1-LASER – Microfor HP1 LASER

The optimal technology dedicated to gasoline injection. Posalux integrated successfully the water jet guided LASER Synova  technology that enables high productivity, precision and quality.


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