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what is HATS™ testing?

HATS™ Plated-through  Hole Reliability Testing Technology has  been  recognized  and  utilized since 2003.

Over the years, a number of papers have  been  published regarding  the  technology  and its bene

HATS™ coupons are  daisy chain  coupons and  can  be electrically tested with other  thermal

shock  technologies that  electrically test daisy chains, including dual chamber. The HATS™ tester uses high speed air as the  heat  transfer ( uid) mechanism to heat  and  cool the  test coupons along with a Keithley 2400 system meter  to make  accurate and  repeatable 4-wire resistance

measurements of the  coupons.

Other technologies use  different  mechanisms like oil, nitrogen,  sand  or internal  conduction to transfer heat  to the  coupons which results in different  transfer rates. Alternative thermal  shock methods utilize electrical  measurement techniques (2-wire, 3-wire, etc.)  and  meters/switching systems that  may not have  the  accuracy  and  repeatability of the  HATS™ tester. These  differences mean  that  HATS™ testing  technology  and  cannot  be directly compared to other  non-dual-chamber thermal  shock  technologies. HATS™ testers use  air as the  heat  transfer mechanism just like the tried and  true  method  used  by dual chamber thermal  shock  testers for the  last  50+  years.

HATS™ testing  requires a HATS™ tester. HATS™ testers can  test 36  (4 net) coupons for a total  of

144  daisy chain  test nets per test run. Doing 1000 cycles  of that  many coupons/nets with other technologies can  take  weeks  if not months due  to their limited capacity.  The HATS™ tester does

1000 cycles  of 36  coupons/144 nets in less than  a week.  Carefully research the  methodologies out there  before  you decide.

What are  the  bene ts of HATS™ testing  with TK Lab?

 Temperature cycles  from -55C to +160C

 36  Coupon chamber capacity

 Automatic generation of through-hole,  blind, buries  and  stacked via structures

 Reduced  testing  costs over dual-chamber systems

 Reduce  cycle times  by 50%-80%

 Detailed  test repor t including notched-box  plots  and  Weibull analysis

 Test coupons automatically generated and  ar twork sent via e-mail 



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